Why The Face M556B19WHY
Melter M556D18MEL
Liberties M556B19WHY
Head Case M546C18HEA
Wu-Tang Patch Black M556A18WUT
Reunion White M556C18REU
Cheeky Palm Grey M556A18CHE
Boyd 4 Indigo M556A18BOY
Boyd 4 Violet M556A18BOY
Bobby 2 Green M556D18BOB
Basquiat Cassius Red M546C18BAS
B.I.G. Black M545C18BIG
At Eaze White M556A18ATE
Anatomy Black M556C18ANA
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In less than five years, Stance has made the socks the world's most exciting accessory. The sock was overlooked or ignored as a fashion accessory. Now this is a movement of art and self-expression that attracted athletes, performers and iconic cultural profiles to the brand. The quality socks from Stance are always an eye catcher in your outfit.


The eccentric, artistic and clean socks from Stance can be found in the Le flux Culture Store. Socks with artworks from Basquiat or The Notorious B.I.G. Every sock is a collectors item. If you don't like crazy prints, the clean socks from Stance are perfect for your outfit. A matching sock for every sneaker. Shop them online or in the store


Le Flux Culture Store is located at Telefoonstraat 38 in the center of Tilburg. This is the place where you can pick up your online purchases free of charge or return if it is not to your liking. If you have doubts about a certain fabric, fit, color or size, it is advisable to always drop by for customized advice.